"Not a single drama in the 12 months SSTC did our Security & Traffic Control."

- Steve Williams, Construction Manager ARENCO.




WE ARE SSTC, Site Security Guards & Traffic Controllers


SSTC, Site Security Guards & Traffic Controllers, acknowledge that in the security, traffic control,  and construction industry, there has to be measures put into place to ensure the safety of public and workers. The companies professional demeanour coupled with experience ensures that everybody gets home safely. SSTC are proud of the fact that in the companies 5 years of operation there has been ZERO accidents or injuries. Traffic Control and pedestrian management can be hectic at times taking into account the increasing population and endless construction works taking place. Stringent traffic controllers planning is needed and implementation of traffic management plans must be followed. Being in the security and traffic control industry for many years, we have heard 'horror stories' from companies out there looking to cut corners. In the long run it ends up costing planners, builders, and organisers large amounts of money.


SSTC is an Australian family owned and operated business. Our experience in the field of site security and traffic control is extensive. Director Liam Sweeten brings with him over a decade worth of operational military experience which is reflected in the way the company operates. Liam has been involved in the building industry for a number of years in the areas of security and traffic management.

As a military member, Liam served in the Royal Australian Navy for over twelve years. During this time, Liam specialised in weapons and boarding operations. Having been deployed to a number of operational areas, Liam was able to hone in on his skills as an operator and later as a team leader. Liam has served in the Middle East and Timor, and he has also been involved in Border Security as well as other security operations such as APEC in 2007 and the safe extraction of Australians from Fiji in 2006. Having been exposed to a large number of high level and complex situations, Liam approaches all tasks in an analytical manner which affords him the ability to make sound decisions based on good judgement and experience.


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