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With over 10 years' experience, our Traffic Planner gets the job done easily -  Saving you time & money!

Traffic Management Plans & Permits

All projects that may interrupt the flow of pedestrians, and (or) traffic on the road, requires a traffic management plan, traffic control permits, and traffic controllers. 

Our traffic planner has drawn up traffic control plans for a wide range of industries; builders, painter, plumbers, fun run organisers, crane operators, and roofers. 

A traffic control plan must be in place and implemented to make ensure safety of those on the road and footpaths, and to keep the flow of traffic moving. Any works that don't have a traffic management plan, there's risks of major fines, and injuries to the community.  Without a traffic management plan, there's also big risk of site shut downs and delays. This blows out budget and extends projects past predicted completion date.

To be covered by insurances, all permits, traffic control plans, and traffic controllers must be in place and authenticated. If an accident occurs without proper certification, the organisers will be slapped with fines and may be sued for compensation by the injured or government/council.


Our planners get the job done easily, and we don't charge for any revisions. We haver a great relationship with governing bodies, which allows for a smooth process.

If you have an upcoming project that you need a traffic management plan on, or would like some advice, call us now.

If you’re organising an event or responsible for construction site safety & planning, some of the permits, plans, or documents you may need:

Local Council Approval

  • Work zone applications

  • Stand and Operate Plant

  • Wide/Heavy Load Deliveries

  • Lane and Road Closures

  • Detours and Event Management

  • Road Opening Permits

  • Storage of materials on council assets

  • Footpath closures and openings

Development and Planning

  • Traffic Control Plans

  • Construction Traffic Management Planning

  • Traffic Management Plans

  • Vehicle Routing Plans

  • Site Delivery Management

Workplace Health and Safety

  • WHS Site Management Plans

  • Safe Work Method Statements

  • Risk Assessments

  • Local Impact Assessments


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